Portraitures of artist and friends


Views vom the inside to the outside.

I am attracted to the self-reflexivity of photography. I am very aware of my own double self. The balance of forces between the reflexive sensation of the imagination and the ecstatic feeling of perception outside of oneself the description of the degree of intensity of the real and its variations.

Life inevitably translates into time; – into life-time. It is time, which in its continuity, creates a dual gaze. Photography always looks in both directions at the same time, into the past and into the future, at the object but also at the person being looked at, photography is in this sense a dual mirror because it also always tells something about the person standing behind the camera.

I understand „The double Self“ as a large mural that takes up several facets of society. In ‚The double Self‘ I develop a kaleidoscope of images that tells a multi-layered and dazzling story of people facing their uncertain future. I place the individual at the centre of the project and reject any objectification. It is a ‚cart blanch‘ for a gaze of affection. 


Havana, 07.02.2021

Havana, 27.08.2022

Berlin, 08.07.2021

Havana, 04.02.2022

Havana, 19.01.2022

The enigma of one self. 


Intimacy, implies that you know where you are, otherwise you exclude intimacy.


„I am living in the imaginary eyes of those who are not there.

open window

part # 01

Decomposition of yourself

Our modern life, the fragmentation into different selves, the weaving together of several spaces, has changed our relationships. 

Incomprehensible inwardness or sovereign outwardness, the interweaving of multiple premises transforms each subject into the restless remnant of a couple whose withdrawn half does not cease to claim the one left behind. 

Jennifer, Havana, 06.02.2022

Calle Habana

Havana, Cuba

A collection of images I photographed on the streets of Havana at the time of the pandemic, immerset in the alienation it brought.

„The pandemic and the alienation that came with it made me fall silent, but silence is something you can’t censor, even by yourself. And there are circumstances in which silence becomes subversive. The inner voice gets louder and louder, until the day you start speaking again, but now in a different voice.“


Havana. Cuba

José Ramon Fajador

“The single individual, the singular, the solitary, is my real theme. To be for oneself, to be in oneself. It doesn’t matter how close I get to a person, it’s almost that I can only perceive them properly from a distance, see them and feel their inner struggle. Because I don’t have to explain myself, I don’t have to behave, I just see. Two sensations overlap: the feeling of being for me and the feeling of being in someone else.”


El romance del los siete mares

with Jennifer Marrero


„Feeling like an outsider enabled me to evoke stories from the people I worked with. I always aimed to get to a point where empathy and trust were created because I could relate to them.“



Everything is movement

“ Everything is movement; – for me, a portrait session is a kind of dance with my subject, where we try to find the right rhythms to dance together. – There is the movement within, more subtle, but even more important as the outside movement, because a photo always reflects about what was before and what will be after, and the movement anticipates it, so to speak, in its absolute beauty of its motionlessness.“

For NIKON we staged in Durban in South Africa, a „holy“ street party, ending up, with pure fun. It convinced me, to use NIKON cameras from then on, but also, we should have a „holy“ festival here too.
Portrait Sessions

“ Finding time for portrait sessions that, even if I don’t always understand their purpose, are important to me. In a way, these moments are always a kind of dance with my subject where we try to find the right rhythm to dance together.“

Actor, Berlin

Selected Collections


Nikon, Jung von Matt, Berlin


Zillertal Bier, Agency Circus, Innsbruck


Orange Noel, publicis Paris