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„Through the twists and turns of life’s labyrinth, a child’s innocence becomes resilient hope.“

„A Child’s Labyrinth“ delves into the enigmatic world of Mia, a 7-year-old girl living in a small apartment in Havana Cerro alongside her single mother and grandmother. In the face of poverty and financial struggles, their daily life becomes a labyrinth, a constant search for a way through the unknown.



RESIDUE is an ongoing  magazine project that captures the essence of Cuba’s intricate narrative, delving into the struggle between its historical echoes and present realities. Amidst the dichotomy of socialism and capitalism, decay and glamour, seditious colors and melancholic interiors, the magazine embarks on an exploration of resilience, offering glimpses of the island’s uncertain yet fascinating future.

Amidst the dichotomy of socialism and capitalism, decay and glamour, seditious colors and melancholic interiors, RESIDUE embarks on an exploration of resilience, offering glimpses of the island's uncertain troubled yet fascinating future.

„… and we became butterflys“ Dayleny at the Casa Alonzo Havana Vedado, Cuba

Che once said to José: „You know, my comrade, I don‘t enjoy being a Minister, I would rather play chess like you, or make a revolution in Venezuela“

After the revolution chess was also a part of the political game, in the conflict between the east and the west. Jose was organizing chess tournaments for the goverment and was playing chess with Che Guevara regulary in there free time.

The title refers to the story Jose told me about the fact, that many things was forbidden by the socialist ideology and the people were punished for acting against it. And all over sudden the same forbidden things are allowed, the ideology was given up with no explanation. Over the time the people lost the idea what it was all about.  „…. and we became butterflies.“

Yeni is 19 years old. Yeni carries the burden of loss and uncertainty on her shoulders. Her mother is dead and her father has disappeared. She lives in an old, half-ruined house in Old Havana, very close to the Capitolio. The once-thriving architecture is now a reminder of the passage of time and the struggles of its inhabitants. Yeni’s room, built of simple wooden planks under a dilapidated high ceiling that she climbs up a rickety wooden ladder to get to, is both a refuge and a daily battle against despair. Her two older brothers and a friend with her child live with her in the one-room apartment. She has no job, no support, except for the monthly food ration that the Cuban state distributes in the bodegas. Small stores in the neighborhood, with the most basic food. How exactly she gets by, she can’t say.

Yeni, 19, at home in Havana Vieja, Cuba

An ongoing project aiming to explore and celebrate the concept of femininity through a series of creative studio portraits featuring transformative journeys of feminine self-reflection.


Challenging Societal Norms by Showcasing the Unique Stories of Women

„Am I Awful?“ is a powerful question that invites self-reflection and exploration of personal perceptions and judgments. It challenges societal expectations and stereotypes, opening up discussions about self-worth, acceptance, and the impact of external judgments on individuals.

Havana Sketchbook

A loose collection of portraits inspired by personal encounters during my travels to Havana


Beauty in the Void

Found Objects

In a world stripped of abundance and excess, survival becomes a delicate dance of resourcefulness and resilience. When there is nothing, you live with what you find….

work in progress…

Lilies with a water bottle, a flacon and a oil cane.

Young woman with a straw hat and a shiny fabric. 

„I am living in the imaginary eyes of those who are not there.

A loose collection of portraits of artists and friends.

Wolf Farkas


Christian Jankowski


Jennifer in a Cafeteria in Vedado

with Jennifer Marrero

Jennifer at Playa Cailito

Jennifer at a friends house in Havana Vieja


The upcoming MASTERCALSS in Cuba will take place this December.
CUBA - Havana Detour | Photography Masterclass | Havana & Trinidad | 

Joerg Reichardt is a experienced freelance photographer with a career spanning over four decades. With a diverse background in art and experience in theater and film, he found his true calling in fashion photography. Settling in Berlin after living and working in major fashion capitals, Reichardt’s artistic journey took an unexpected turn when he discovered Havana. Drawn to the city’s rich culture and history, he captures its essence beyond picturesque scenes, revealing the hidden stories of its people. Reichardt’s work reflects his poetic sensibility, capturing the unknown, the presence, and the absence with a touch of melancholy. His photographs invite viewers to contemplate and reflect on the human condition.