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Hey y’all, my name is Joerg Alexander Reichardt (@j.a.reichardt), a German photographer currently based in Berlin. I hope you’ll follow along as I share images from my trips to Havana, what I love to say, is my second home.

The majority of my work was made in and around Havana. Eventually, these constant visits prompted me to change my view, more and more the devastating poverty most people live in became clear to me, but I am not a documentarist and do not show events. I am a wanderer, a flaneur, a poet, catching images, more as an instant reaction to what I feel.

The images, which come from various bodies of works, are collectively titled “Havana Hours„ a nod to that I am always just a relatively short time in Havana, but they are also meant to serve as a record linked to my Cuban live, which is marked by my wife and my daughter who live in Havana.



Finding time for portrait sessions that, even if I don’t always understand their purpose, are important to me. In a way, these moments became a neutral space for me to ask myself what I see.

Havana | February 27.21



“…how does one arrive to their own representation? I am searching for that answer from both sides of the camera. How do I arrive at myself?”

New work in progress for a portrait project …

Havana | March 01.21

Havana | March 16.21

Havana | March 01.21  

Havana | February 12.21


Havana Short

El romance del los siete mares

with Jennifer Marrero


“Feeling like an outsider enabled me to evoke stories from the people I worked with because I could relate to them. I always aimed to get to a point where empathy and trust were created.”

Pandemic Diary

Havana | March 2021

Seeing a city as a structure, resulting in patterns and lines, and at the same time as a space of living and dying; – now alienated by a pandemic, creates its own melancholic beauty.

Using only my mobile phone camera with its distorting wide angle, I am wandering aimlessly through the streets of the broken city, immersed with the feeling of a standstill in time.

“Only the future revisits the past.” 

With amaze and tremble

With amaze and tremble

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” The title refers to my inner amazement and the excitement I experience every time I get to make a...


Lilith sometimes smokes. Lilith loves paradise, Lilith hates paradise. Everybody loves Lilith, everybody hates Lilith.


We see what we share differently, compare to that, what we’re keeping to ourselves.
Photography Masterclass

Photography Masterclass

Since I was small I was fascinated how different I could see the world, depending how I look to it. The same could become so very different.


Zillertal Bier, Agency Circus, Innsbruck


Orange Noel, publicis Paris