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The ‘Holy’ Spirit of ColourThe ‘Holy’ Spirit of Colour

The ‘Holy’ Spirit of Colour

We traveled to Durban in South Africa, to stage their a „holy“ street party, ending up, with pure fun. It convinced me, to use Nikon cameras from then on, but also, we should have a „holy“ festival here too.
The Hermann Maier StoryThe Hermann Maier Story

The Hermann Maier Story

What is a real hero? Herman Maier has proven it. Racing death dough downhill in the ski world cups, nearby killing him. A legend in Austria and seen as the only „real“ hero, we follow him now trough the years, offside the slopes.
The Big ShotsThe Big Shots

The Big Shots

But sometimes it needs a more intense acting, to tell the story. That is both bombastic and still emotionally honest.
Tableau VivantesTableau Vivantes

Tableau Vivantes

Creating theatrical dramatic tableaus vivant with the ballet ensemble of the opera.


A small brewery in a famous valley in the alps, owned by one family since 500 years is deeply rooted in the region. The faces are reflecting a well earned pride, through generations of lived traditions.
We are innocent, when we sleepWe are innocent, when we sleep

We are innocent, when we sleep

The campaign for the 2018/19 season follows an idea by conceptual artist Christian Jankowski. Under the title "We are innocent when we sleep", Jankowski had actresses and actors from the ensemble staging each other in their sleep, based on pictures of "sleeping pranks" (pranks with fallen asleep) as they circulate on the Internet.
The Orange Emotion Capture BoxThe Orange Emotion Capture Box

The Orange Emotion Capture Box

Every years end we come closer and closer to the time, where we all would like to know what is in the box. Orange ask me to be literally in it, and capture the emotion, when you open it …
Modell BuildersModell Builders

Modell Builders

Building things so small, that they get bigger than real life, because in the end it’s all about the details.
Giving HopeGiving Hope

Giving Hope

How do you talk about something, where are no words? New medication for final stage cancer patients.