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It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognise each other, to learn to see the other and honour him for what he is.


Ensemble members of the Residenztheater München


Ensemble members of the Residenztheater München
Studio SessionsStudio Sessions

Studio Sessions

Actually, all I did was portraits. That's how it started and it fascinates me to this day, there's a longing behind it, just to be me for you and you for me.


Beauty and photography lead a complicated relationship. There is always a part in a picture, that belongs to the pose.
Nude and ProfanNude and Profan

Nude and Profan

The human figure is one of the most changeable terrains of photography.


Photography is like a journey. In the moment you take the camera in your hand, you start a journey to the unknown.
To be and ITo be and I

To be and I

It is not merely a record of an event, place or issue. It feels more like first row in the world theatre.
Havana HoursHavana Hours

Havana Hours

There are many ways of portraying a city, regarding it as a metaphor for a country, its state of mind and its destiny. Fascinating and paradoxical, the city once known as the “Paris of the Western Hemisphere” takes center stage.


Immersed in space, the solitary person in the far creates a peculiar feeling of immediate nearness, distance becomes closeness.


Light is not tangible and yet it has a body, a sound. The gentle twilight carries a secret in itself.
Urban StillsUrban Stills

Urban Stills

Peace, silence and a trace of the past - these are characteristics of photography.
The ‘Holy’ Spirit of ColourThe ‘Holy’ Spirit of Colour

The ‘Holy’ Spirit of Colour

We traveled to Durban in South Africa, to stage their a „holy“ street party, ending up, with pure fun. It convinced me, to use Nikon cameras from then on, but also, we should have a „holy“ festival here too.
The Hermann Maier StoryThe Hermann Maier Story

The Hermann Maier Story

What is a real hero? Herman Maier has proven it. Racing death dough downhill in the ski world cups, nearby killing him. A legend in Austria and seen as the only „real“ hero, we follow him now trough the years, offside the slopes.