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conversations #01

Early summer 2020. The time of big and small transformations. We thought that this is a good time to start with a series of video portraits.

We start with what we have: a camera, a sound recorder, a clip-on microphone, some scribbled ideas and named it: 

seven minutes | conversations 

Demo version, test figure, candidate number one: Farkas him self. Wolf Farkas, author, journalist, editor, houseman, father of four children, bohemian, wedding DJ, former publisher.

That’s all correct. But at the same time there is something unseen, something undefined. Here in our episode No. 1 we are right on the trail of someone who has freed himself from the fear of death and sees himself as a writer, with or without a novel. Who is probably in the process of getting closer to himself, that may seem a bit late, but what does that mean anyway? In private, he is saying: “I’m a collector of beginnings”.

The cinematic change of style, between colour and black-and-white material, picks up on the idea of the alternation between real figure and artificial figure, between the perspective views, from life to death, from beginnings to endings and vice versa. We went out shooting in and around Berlin, Uckermark and Prignitz.

Seven minutes to get closer to someone, capturing a fragment of everyday reality, a fragment of life.  

Now it’s your turn. It’s time to go for a swim.